Stairs, Balconies & Walkways

We have more than 30 years experience in design, installation and repair of pedestrian surface waterproofing.

With more than 1000 waterproof walking systems installed, we know what is important and how to deliver systems that are both beautiful and durable.

Plus our waterproofing solutions come in a range of colors, styles and textures to suite any property.

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Post-Tension & Structural Podiums

Modern Multi-Family Structures are most often built on Post-Tension or Structural Podiums. These large concrete structures are critically important and technically challenging. We have a lot if experience with both the podiums and the challenges of working in a multi-family environment.

Wall Waterproofing

Another important part of the waterproofing arena is walls:

  • Stucco Cracks?
  • Rotted Wood Siding?
  • Deteriorated Brick Mortar?
  • Spalling Concrete?
  • Leaking Windows?
  • Failing Control Joints?
  • Caulking Separation?
  • Something more exotic?

Whatever it is, we can repair it or replace it and your leaks will be gone for good.

Roof Decks

A small but growing part of the industry are roof decks. By adding a roof top deck to your property, you can increase your exterior square footage very economically. Ask us about the design firms we work with to engineer your rooftop deck.

High Wall Repairs With Bosun’s Chair

One of our most important tools for wall waterproofing are our bosun’s chair crews.

A bosun’s chair (or boatswain’s chair) is a descent system used to suspend a person from a rope for performing work aloft. Modern bosun’s chair rigging incorporates many safety devices and has changed a lot in the last decade.

Rain Defense is fully certified to use this cost effective access tool for inspection, maintenance and repair of high walls.

Rain Defense specializes many types of waterproof coatings:

No project is too big or too small for Rain Defense. Whether you need a simple $500 leak repair or an entire post-tension podium coating system valued at over $1M, we can deliver.