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Mike Terry President

Our Mission

Rain Defense, Inc. is in business to provide to our customers the highest possible level of integrity, competency and workmanship in the repair, maintenance, and installation of building envelope systems while fostering a healthy and positive work environment that provides full regard for the value of our staff.

The Team

We have a saying around here, “Rain Defense es un equipo.” That’s Spanish for “Rain Defense is one team” and it is more than just a motto for us. It’s something we live every day. Being part of Rain Defense is like being part of a family. We learn from each other, we help each other personally and professionally and we work together to do the best for our customers. It sounds kinda hokey, but its who we are.

Ivan Maldonado Staff Bookkeeper
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Adam Moore Senior Account Representative
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Stephen Harney Production Coordinator
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Jose Farias Production Superintendent
Moises Acevedo Facilities Manager

Company History

roof leak repair
  • 1993 – Just Leaks, Inc. founded by Jay Marin and Scott Siemer with the goal of providing quality roof maintenance services to the San Jose region.
  • 2000 – Just Leaks reaches $1 Million in revenues.
  • 2001 – Mike Terry joins Just Leaks as a minority shareholder and begins service as General Manager of the San Jose operation.
  • 2002 – Just Leaks expands its regional service to include the North Bay.
  • 2003 – Satellite operations in Oakland top $350,000.00.
  • 2004 – Just Leaks converts North Bay satellite operations into a full blown branch. The branch opens in November on the old Alameda Point Naval Air Station. Mike Terry transfers to Oakland to oversee operations.
  • 2005 – Just Leaks spins off Alameda branch as Rain Defense, Inc., in July. Mike Terry becomes sole shareholder and divests of his interest in Just Leaks.
  • 2006 – Rain Defense exceeds $1 million in revenues and maintains 10 full-time field employees.
  • 2008 – Rain Defense earns Contractors License Class C-33 (Painting/Decorating).
  • 2009 to 2013 – As the Recession moves into full swing, the renovation construction market severely contracts. While many competitor’s shut their doors, Rain Defense’s growth continues, albeit at a slower pace. During this time, Rain Defense becomes a certified installer of some of the most prestigious systems on the market including Gaco Western, WestCoat, United Coatings, GAF, Certainteed and Versico.
  • 2013 – Rain Defense secures General Contractor’s Class B license. Double digit growth returns as Rain Defense exceeds $2 Million in revenues and exceeds 20 full time employees.
  • 2014 – Quality growth continues as revenues exceed $3 Million and 30 full time employees now call Rain Defense home. The company also completes its first reroofing project valued over $1 Million with IB Systems PVC Single Ply.
  • 2015 – Despite the ongoing Recession, Rain Defense reaches the $5 Million benchmark in annual revenue and retains nearly 40 full time employees.
  • 2016 – Rain Defense moves to new location at 50 Stardust Place in Alameda. The new facility shortens drive times, improves work flows and increases capabilities both administratively and for our production teams.
  • 2017 – Our Bosun’s Chair repair team increases training and certification levels in anticipation of strict new state standards coming soon.
  • 2018 – Rain Defense adds Duro-Last and KM Coatings to the growing list of certified systems we install.

The Present

Rain Defense currently serves over 250 active clients through out the San Francisco Bay Area, including property managers, community associations, investors, businesses and home owners.

Looking to the Future

The recession is finally behind us and demand for construction services is soaring. With that, there is a temptation to engage in wild growth but our strategy is very deliberate. Through development of competent personnel and excellence in our core services, we will engage in managed growth to ensure we remain an elite Building Envelope Repair & Replacement Contractor in the Bay Area.


24/7 roof leak repair bay area

Leak Repair

Emergency Leak Repair. Our service covers the entire building envelop for all kinds of buildings. Contact us a.s.a.p.

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Design and installation of WestCoat & Gaco Western Coatings for walking decks and parking structures.

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Emulsion, Aluminum, Acrylic, Urethane & Silicone Coatings - DuroLast SinglePly - Certainteed Modified Bitumen Asphalt.

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General Construction

Turnkey rehab of decks, walls, roofing, windows, doors and structural components

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Design and performance of maintenance and repairs for Waterproofing / Roofing / Walls.

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