HOA roof maintenanceRoof Maintenance Pays Big Dividends

Preventative maintenance of roofs and other exterior building features requires an ongoing capital investment, but over time significant savings are realized because of the damage that won’t happen.

The ROI of ongoing roof maintenance comes from:

  • Increased service life of the roof or roofs
  • Fewer emergency roof repairs
  • Lower cost of non-emergency repairs
  • Longer life of dry-weather repairs
  • Decreased dry-rot damage expenses
  • Fewer interior damage expenses due to water seepage
  • Reduced disruption of homeowner lives
  • Less demand on key personnel or HOA board members

Savvy building owners and HOA officers know that planned roof maintenance pays big dividends.

The Rain Defense Roof Maintenance Process

“We work hard to make your life easier”

Step 1 – Inspection

A detailed inspection of the roof, accessories, roof-mounted equipment, other structural elements like balconies, exterior stairwells and walkways is performed.

Step 2 – A Detailed Summary Report

We issue you a complete Condition Report, which includes descriptions and photos of the conditions we find, and itemized recommendations for the remedial work needed to restore your building’s ability to defend itself against Northern California weather.

Step 3 – Consultation

The building owner or HOA officers and the Rain Defense Account Manager meet to review the report and its recommendations. We review all options and work with you to create the game plan that works best for you.

Step 4 – Execution

A work order is issued and a Rain Defense crew takes over to carry out the game plan, on time and on budget.

Your Time is Valuable – We Don’t Waste It

Property owners and managers, and HOA representatives with whom we work are stretched for time in today’s busy world. Yet, the maintenance and repair of buildings take a lot of attention if it is to be done right. Having first-rate partners like Rain Defense who are experienced in the specific task of weatherproofing buildings saves both time and money.

Our Pledge

  • We will provide accurate information so you can make sound decisions
  • We will not waste your time with sales gimmicks, unnecessary information or poor organization
  • We will provide reports quickly, arrive at appointments on time and meet deadlines as promised
  • We will provide the product that best suits your needs, not the one that best suits our profit margin
  • We will conform to all Federal, State and Local Codes and Regulations
  • We will strive to make your job easier and to go the extra mile to meet your expectations

Rain Defense Services Offered

Rain Defense offers a complete line of rainwater control services for your buildings:

  • Emergency Leak Service (all exterior systems)
  • Roof Repair and Maintenance
  • Wall and Window Leak Solutions; Waterproofing
  • Waterproof Deck Coating Systems
  • Roof Maintenance Coatings and Full Roof Replacements
  • HVAC Ducting Maintenance and Penetration Tie-Ins
  • Siding, Windows; Doors Repair and Replacement
  • Skylights, Hatches, Gutters, Drains and more
  • Structural Dry Rot Repair and Reconstruction
  • Condensation Solutions

Size Doesn’t Matter

No project is too big or too small for Rain Defense. Whether you need a simple $500 leak repair or an full tear-off system valued at over $1M, we can deliver.

24/7 roof leak repair bay area

Leak Repair

Emergency Leak Repair. Our service covers the entire building envelop for all kinds of buildings. Contact us a.s.a.p.

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Design and installation of WestCoat & Gaco Western Coatings for walking decks and parking structures.

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Emulsion, Aluminum, Acrylic, Urethane & Silicone Coatings - DuroLast SinglePly - Certainteed Modified Bitumen Asphalt.

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General Construction

Turnkey rehab of decks, walls, roofing, windows, doors and structural components

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Design and performance of maintenance and repairs for Waterproofing / Roofing / Walls.

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